Color Blindness

Color Blindness or Color Vision Deficiency which is more accurate term to describe the state of eyes in which the suffering person is unable to see color, or perceive color differences when shown in general lighting conditions. It is caused by the deficiency of cone cells which are found in the retina of eye. Generally it is a genetic deficiency. Out of 10 men 1 have some form of Color Blindness. It’s very rare that Women are color blind it is more common in Male. The drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis i.e. Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) is also a reason for color blindness.

Friends Color Blindness is a case of Case of Permanent Rejection. And it you are color blind (we hope that you are not) but there might be some who are color blind (Which you can check by the tests below) they should look for an alternate career, first of all by checking medical condition as most of the organizations do not allow color blinds.

Note - The truth is hard to accept but you will not be selected in Defence if you are color blind, still you can improve your personality by preparing for SSB with SSBGuru.


The Symptoms of this disease is in some cases is so mild that people are unaware that they are color blind. The common symptoms are having trouble in seeing colors and the brightness of colors in normal way and unable to differentiate between different or same color shades.
Persons with Color vision deficiency generally have a improved night vision and they can perceive changes in luminosity which people who are not color vision deficient could not.

Color Wheel

Collor Blindness Test

The Following color blindness test will help you to judge weather you are having any abnormality in viewing colors or not. Firstly on the right hand side there is a wheel which is known as Color Wheel, if you are able to see Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and their shades properly then you don’t have any color deficiency and if you wants to see how a color blind person would see that wheel then take you mouse over the image.

If you completed the first test of color wheel then you can move on to another test in which you will be show a set of numbers which are printed in a particular pattern comprising of different color in such a way that a person with color deficiency couldn’t make out which number is printed while a person with normal color vision can easily make out what no. is printed on the card.

Below is the answer for the above test if you are able to see the number on the images in the same fashion as the result below then you probabiliy have no color deficiency, but if you were unable to determine any of the following result then we suggest you to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

ROW 1 6 25 45 8
ROW 2 29 54


Unfortunately there is no known treatment for Color Blindness, however there are special contact lenses and glasses which enables people to see color properly and differentiate between them, it is a lifelong process i.e. it will stay as long as you live.